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At Desert Sky Osteopathy, we are part of your Pain Care Team!

Pain is not as simple as when we were kids and we called pain an “owie” or “boo boo.”

How often do you feel that your pain is not always the same, changes in how it feels from day to day, and may even go to a different part of the body?

There are so many words to describe pain, and maybe your doctor asked you to describe it. Have you ever felt that you don’t know the words to describe what your pain feels like or where it is coming from?

Also do you feel that your doctor has the time to deal with your pain? Or you’ve seen your doctor, tried a few different options, like physical therapy (PT), but the pain isn’t getting better?

We hear you, and are here providing non-invasive (aka no surgery or injections) to help treat your pain.

With a strong knowledge of anatomy and medical training, Dr. Sofka uses osteopathic principles and technique to help the body find structural balance and reduce pain. Trained in New York City, and bringing that big-city expertise to New Mexico, Dr. Sofka strives to bring her skills to reduce pain in her patients.

We would love to hear from you and see if we can help! Give us a call at 505-346-7656 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Sofka.

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